Tuff workout sessions

The Tuff Workout Sessions are 2-hour intensives that deepen your experience from our programmes


Why Tuff Workouts?

Joining these sessions could be the kickstart you need to cultivate your lifelong practice.

Even though you participated in a comprehensive programme when you took Tuff Leadership Training Step 1, we know it’s only the beginning of what you can achieve if you keep training. The old leadership paradigm maintains its grip on us, even as we try to change. We invite you – and challenge you – to continue training and practising in order to fully step into the new paradigm of adult-to-adult leadership.


Online interactive Zoom session

10:00-12:00 CET

Free of charge

Who is this for?

People who have completed at least one of our Tuff Trainings (either Leading Individuals (Step 1) or Tuff Training for Social Impact Organisations).

What to expect?

A 2-hour intensive that deepens what you learned in your Tuff programme. Your trainer will suggest a theme, and open up space to address questions and challenges, as well as practise key conversations and abilities.

Time commitment

The Tuff Workout is two hours long (10:00 - 12:00 CET).

Each workout is independent – you can do one workout or train regularly, it’s up to you. (Of course, we recommend you make it a habit and have workouts booked all year round! That’s when the real results will come.)


We run these sessions regularly so check out the dates to register for one that works for you.


Online using Zoom. Like our courses, it will be interactive, with discussions and practise both in the main room and in breakout rooms in small groups.

Benefits of continuous training

The benefits of continous Tuff training include:

  • Developing the ability to consistently have adult-adult conversations with your colleagues

  • Opportunities to practise particularly challenging conversations in a safe space

  • Receiving individual feedback on your pitfalls and more chances to try out alternative ways of being

  • Getting new perspectives and input on your current real-life challenges

Cofounder Karin, smiling at camera


Tuff workout session

€180 excl. VAT per workout session.


Practical information

The training takes place online using Zoom and you will receive a link and more information about how to join by email upon registering. Each workout session is 2 hours, from 10:00 to 12:00 CET (9:00 to 11:00 GMT).

Your trainers

The trainers are masters of creating safe environments for our tough training that enable real change in individuals and groups to happen in a short time.

Photo of Carl-Erik Herlitz

Carl-Erik Herlitz

Photo of David Valentin

David Valentin

Photo of Eva Vilella

Eva Vilella

Photo of Hannah Zimmerman

Hannah Zimmerman

Photo of Jonas Johnsson

Jonas Johnsson

Photo of Karin Tenelius

Karin Tenelius

Photo of Lisa Gill

Lisa Gill

Photo of Maria Hentzel

Maria Hentzel

Photo of Maria Krook-Wetterdal

Maria Krook-Wetterdal

Photo of Mette Herlitz

Mette Herlitz

Photo of Stefanie Brinkman

Stefanie Brinkman

Photo of Therese Wallin

Therese Wallin

Photo of Vera Budean

Vera Budean

All of our trainers are evaluated by all course participants and have an average score of 9.5 out of 10. We recruit on the basis of abilities rather than CVs, and all trainers undergo extensive internal training, both before and after they become certified, as continuous personal development is part of our culture.

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