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Do you dream of an organisation with empowering leaders, self-sufficient teams and a culture of openness and trust?

Helping organisations shift

Over the last twenty years of collaborating with organisations across different sectors around the world, we have learned from experience what contributes to sustainable shifts. We talk about this in terms of apps and Operating System (OS)…


Structures and processes

How we organise including:

  • Change initiatives

  • Agile ways of working

  • Coaching

  • Feedback

  • Self-managing teams, etc.

Two concentric circles with apps on the outside and os on the inside

Operating System (OS)

Our mindset

Our way of being

+ some core abilities

If we don’t also upgrade the OS - how we are being when we are doing things - we will not get the results that we want from our apps.

So, we believe that if you want to create a culture of psychological safety and high-performing teams, two key things are needed:

  1. Leaders who are confident and competent in a totally different kind of leadership (an adult-to-adult, empowering leadership)

  2. Teams that are able to maintain their own working climate and navigate conflicts through straightforward communication, openness, and trust

Tuff is a specialist in supporting organisations to develop these two factors.

How Tuff can support you

Depending on the level of your ambition, there are many ways Tuff can support you on your journey.

Expected outcomes

Leadership: outdated, inconsistent, lacking in confidence
Empowering, trust-based, coaching, adult-to-adult
Culture: no feedback, lack of trust, low accountability
Regular feedback is the norm, psychological safety, mutual accountability
Collaboration: siloed, leadership vacuums, ineffective
Open communication, co-leadership, effective
Conflicts: energy drain, conflict avoidance, toxic climates
People regularly address tensions with each other in a healthy way
Organisation: absenteeism, talent issues, lacking in agility and impact
Reduced absenteeism, easy to retain and attract talent, impactful, fit for the future

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