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  • Start 29th Sept. 2020
  • Start 17th Nov. 2020

The Tuff Leadership Training Step 1 is now also available online. The difference is that it is a bit longer in scope. It consists of 5 modules (half day 13-17 pm + half day 9-12 am) that extend over 10 weeks. The training is as interactive as if you participated in classrooms, you participate with the same group through the program. More information about the content of Step 1 and what you get out of it here.

Content and layout

The program consists of 6 modules spread over 10 weeks, led by two of our certified Tuff leadership trainers. Each module is an afternoon (13-17) and a subsequent morning (9-12). Between each week with a module is a week when you try out your learnings at work,  an meet with your learning group (also online). The content is completely consistent with the classroom variant and equally intense and transformative.

The training is practical and is designed to develop the approaches and skills needed to make your employees more committed and responsible. Your old patterns and behaviors will be challenged, and you will become aware of pitfalls and strengths. Real-life role-plays, very individual feedback mean that you will find new and better ways to deal with the challenges and problems you are facing. The overall theme is the coaching approach, which is translated into different kinds of conversations such as feedback, coaching and relationship conversations. You get a variety of new tools and keys that you can turn around and try right away. The methodology used is Tuff Leadership Training’s own, which has been developed for more than twenty years and stands out for producing tangible results.

All upcoming dates for Tuff Leadership Training Step 1 – Online in English here.

Practical information

Tough Leadership Training Step 1 Online takes place digitally on Zoom, and you will receive a link via email where you connect to the digital classroom. If you have not used Zoom before, please download the Zoom client (Zoom Client) in advance here. If your company has restrictions on using the program, you can try to join (meeting meeting) with the meeting ID (zoom ID) via the zoom website. To test your system and Wifi with the program follow this link. Preferably use your own computer during exercise and preferably in a quiet place. Computer works better with Zoom than phone.


The cost of the training is €2,800 excl. VAT. The price includes all materials.

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Tuff Course Participant

  • “I would consider this to be transformational training. It is utterly engaging and highly interactive.”
    — Colin Lyons, Management Development, Howdens Joinery, UK
  • “Great insight into yourself and how to understand the influence of mindsets on various types of conversations.”
    — Enzo Smrekar, General Manager at Atlantic Grupa and President of the board at Droga Kolinska d.d., Slovenia
  • “A powerful and empowering experience in which you are confronted with your way of being with others and struggle to improve, not only as a professional, but mainly as a human being.”
    — Felip Roca, Director of International Relations, Municipality of Barcelona
  • “If you are interested to develop yourself as a leader (in any way), this is the course for you! It will shake you and your views around and spit you out with a new mindset :)”
    — Gustav Henman, CFO and Founder, Beetroot, Ukraine
  • “For me it’s not a training in the sense that I learned something. It opened up a world, a world I did not realise was out there.”
    — Hans Oude Nijhuis, Manager and Project Leader, BAM, The Netherlands
  • “Epiphany guaranteed.  ”
    — Jesper Loso, Chief Developer/Team Lead, Dugga AB, Ukraine
  • “A completely new perspective on leadership and what it means to be a leader.”
    — Kerry Isherwood, HR manager, Macmillan, UK
  • “It seems to give fulfilment to the colleagues we thought were only able to grow in the realm of technology...Then they did the Tuff Leadership Training and all of a sudden they see that they want to do more leadership development and develop how to work with people in self-steering teams. They are stepping up in their roles...”
    — Kevin Struis, Coach and Mission Critical Engineer, Schuberg Philis, The Netherlands
  • “The Tuff Leadership Training has been very impactful for me. It was great to be in a room full of colleagues working with our way of being and the things under our analytical minds...The most valuable lesson for me was about listening. I always found it to be really hard work, but during the course that changed and I could see that it was actually a really simple but powerful gift to be able to give to somebody, especially as a coach. For me that was a major mindset shift.”
    — Kevin Struis, Coach and Mission Critical Engineer, Schuberg Philis, The Netherlands
  • “The real results are that people are happy with the training and they want more. They use it. They have all benefited from it personally and they all grew in the “know thyself” department. And I think that that’s what it’s all about.”
    — Lotta Croiset van Uchelen Feberwee, Chief DNA Officer, Schuberg Philis, The Netherlands
  • “Brutal, honest, thought provoking and ultimately enriching experience.  ”
    — Neil Van Niekerk, Learning and Org Development Manager, Macmillan, UK
  • “A very complete and balanced course with a great mix of theory and practice. A true inspiration and motivation. It will help me everywhere.”
    — Paulo Parini, Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • “The most magical days I've spent with the warmest, brightest, loveliest people in quite some time. Alvin Toffler wrote in “Future Shock” that a strong skill in the future will be Learn, Unlearn, Relearn. This has been the most unlearning and relearning thing I’ve ever experienced. Deeply moving learning experience and philosophy for leaders.”
    — Perry Timms, author, TEDx speaker, & founder of PTHR, UK
  • “I would recommend Tuff Leadership Training to any company that aspires to be a modern, Agile organisation, and to all managers/leaders (formal as well as informal leaders).  ”
    — Richard Kronfält, Global Head of Delivery, Alite International
  • “Not an easy ride, but a challenging, thought provoking experience that will make you want to explore your potential.”
    — Stephen Holman, Head of Technical Support, Holmen
  • “A training in coaching and conversations theory that works ... and lots of practice. A mind shift! Excellent and very useful!”
    — Susanne Stenberg, Project Manager, KPN, The Netherlands
  • “In a non-hierarchical structure, for efficiency, cooperation and a good working environment, coaching is key. The decisions must come from the team and not from above. Tuff’s courses help to implement coaching in the company in a very practical way.    ”
    — Veronique Daar, VP Customer Support, Tacton Systems

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