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“I realised I wasn’t listening at all!”

We meet leaders every day who think they are coaching and empowering, but they quickly discover how far from the truth that is. Leaders who think they are good listeners often make the painful discovery that in reality, they are not listening at all.

Of course, no leader is intentionally bad at communicating, and most would want their colleagues to feel heard and supported. It’s just that they are conditioned in a traditional style of leadership that is now rapidly becoming outdated and challenged. An alternative way of relating to colleagues requires totally different abilities. These abilities are often completely in conflict with the old ones, hence why it can be so difficult to develop. They are abilities like listening so someone feels heard, instead of listening until it’s your turn to talk. Trusting and coaching instead of steering and directing. In many ways, it is a process of unlearning.

The result of the Tuff training is that leaders really change their mindset and behaviours. They are transformed and experience what gold can be found, what potential can be unleashed, when you truly listen.

How the Tuff training has impacted the leadership in self managed IT company Beetroot

Are you a HR or People Director wondering if our training can facilitate the leadership transformation your organisation needs? Join one of our webinars here, or read about our flagship Step 1 training here (available in person and online).

Are you a leader or manager who is interested in training in the mindset and skills needed to be a more coaching, empowering leader? Get a taste of what our courses are like by joining one of our interactive webinars, or read more about our Step 1 course here (available in person and online).

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Our training – in essence

“The course provides a total paradigm shift in what it means to be a leader. Practical tools that make you dare to take risks. It now feels like I can and want to lead for real.”

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  • “Distinguishing the “soft side,” how being “tough” can be an act of kindness. A framework to be more intentional about the conversations I have.”
    — Dunia Reverter, Group Head of Customer and Operational Efficiency at Arrow Global Group Plc, course participant Step 1
  • “It’s hard to shift from predictable machinery to new ways and Tuff Leadership Training helps at the most challenging level for this: individually.”
    — Perry Timms, author of “Transformational HR” and TEDx speaker
  • “I would recommend Tuff Leadership Training to any company that aspires to be a modern, Agile organisation, and to all managers and leaders.”
    — Richard Kronfält, Global Head of Delivery at Alite International