Tuff Coaching Online

Tuff coaching in different ways

With Tuff online coaching, you can book one of our coaches for video calls. Maybe you want advice, rehearse something from the course or have extra training before a special conversation? 

In addition to classic coaching sessions with the coach in one room, we now offer online Tuffcoaching in an easily accessible way. You can easily book a tough trainer you already know, or get a time that suits you at short notice. Our coaching method makes it possible to call in what it is really about very quickly, and our tough coaches are masters at accurately coaching so that you get an opening to act on that gives results.

Tuff coaching – lifeline 15 min – online
Perfect when you have an urgent dilemma or a challenging situation in front of you: a difficult conversation, or a meeting with someone you are in pain. Call your Tuff Coach and get quick coaching.

Tuff coaching 30 min – online
When you have a specific situation that you want to highlight, or a minor recurring complaint, a short coaching session online may be enough.

Tuff coaching 60 min – online or in a meeting room
When you want coaching in something that requires a major change, or if you want coaching support during a challenging period.

What does it cost?

15 minutes, 60 €/50 £
30 minutes, 118 €/100 £
60 minutes, 215 €/185 £

Prices are exclusive of VAT and are invoiced. If you have pre-sold time as part of another agreement, we will deduct the time at the end of the month instead of invoicing.

Answers to the most common questions can be found further down the page.

Choose a coach and book 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Common questions

How does coaching work?

Once you have booked a session, you will receive a calendar invitation with the information you need to join the session.

What technology is used?

Online coaching is primarily done with the Zoom tool. You can download Zoom and test it yourself in advance by going to www.zoom.us. If you do not want to use Zoom, you can request it in the booking.

How should I prepare?

Make sure you have tested sound and light beforehand so that the time in your session can be used for coaching and not for technical support.

How can you think about coaching?

When course participants leave the course, you are motivated and inspired, but what we do know is that when you return to everyday life, it can be difficult to put everything into practice. A tough coach becomes a kind of superpower you can use to, when needed most, remind you of how to do and get training that is relevant to exactly what you are going to do in your workplace.

Do I have to use my coach from the course?

No, you can use any coach. Sometimes your coach may not be available the time you would need training and then it is of course possible to book someone else.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with your coaching, you can contact us at info@tuffleadershiptraining.com and we will handle it according to what has happened.

How to pay?

All online coaching is currently paid with an invoice. If you have pre-purchased time as part of another agreement, we will deduct the coaching at the end of the month instead of invoicing.

More questions?

Warmly welcome to contact us on +46 (0)8-446 16 20 or
email: info@tuffleadershiptraining.com