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Our training

At the core of all our programmes is Tuff’s own methodology developed over the past twenty years. People love training with us because they see the results that are possible when you training in how you are being, and not just what you are doing.

I keep coming back to Tuff to help me build out leadership programmes. They have a very practical, impactful way of providing both managers and employees with the right tools to build a high performing work environment built on trust.

Photo of Mariabrisa Olivares

Mariabrisa Olivares

Chief People Officer, Owkin

It’s hard to shift from predictable machinery to new ways and Tuff Leadership Training helps at the most challenging level for this: individually.

Photo of Perry Timms

Perry Timms

Founder, People & Transformational HR Ltd

This course is a MUST for progressive leaders who are truly looking for ways to empower their teams.

Photo of Lina Maskoliune

Lina Maskoliune

Chief of Strategic Growth, Profitus

The results in brief

As a result of our programmes, leaders get a completely new view of what leadership can be. They gain revolutionary insights into their pitfalls, which gives them self-interest to intensively train in ‘the new’.

Participants get hold of new ways of relating and leading, and develop the abilities that liberate commitment and responsibility in their teams. This means that they not only gain new insights, but it affects how they are, how they behave and how they communicate.

What is the source of the results?

Over the years, our clients have told us again and again that our programmes are the best they have ever experienced because they create real, lasting shifts in people. Here’s why…

We are experts at creating brave spaces

Training in ways of being and new abilities is tough. We are masters in creating safe spaces, but more than that, we create brave spaces where participants dare to make mistakes and try out strange, new things. They feel able to share openly their pitfalls and struggles, knowing that it is part of a process.

We start by putting participants in an incompetence coma

It may sound harsh, but without confronting our inability, there is no self-interest to learn. The vast majority of leaders come in with an attitude of “I already do this” and nothing will shift so long as that attitude prevails. Nowadays we are able to dissolve this is no time.

Pitfalls are exposed immediately

A large part of the participants’ development happens by identifying their pitfalls. This is what is ‘tough’ and painful – to be confronted with your pitfalls. Our trainers have devoted years of training to be able to perceive participants’ pitfalls at lightning speed. No participant gets through without having challenged their pitfalls and this is a huge part of the personal shift. It simply becomes too painful to continue as before.

No theory, just practice

Results do not come from the transfer of theoretical knowledge. They come from practising, practising and practising again. Participants practise new ways of being and get constant feedback and coaching until no longer feels strange and they start to create their own version of a trust based, empowering, adult-adult leadership.

The content in brief

Practical, intensive training where you:

  • Discover your automatic, unfavourable mindsets which limit others' commitment, responsibility and drive

  • Explore and train in new ways of relating to your colleagues

  • Train core communication skills, such as listening so that the other person feels heard

  • Get a toolbox of simple, useful models for the the five most common leadership-related conversations

Two participants looking at a computer together

About our training

Tuff’s co-founder Carl-Erik talks about the essence of our training:

Our programmes

Depending on the target audience and your level of ambition, we have a curriculum of different programmes. All programmes are open, but can also be run as internal programmes.

The Tuff core curriculum

Leading yourself

Square transformed to a circle

Empowering yourself (self-leadership)

5 days in person

Leading individuals (Step 1)

Hand stacking circles on a line

Empowering leadership fundamentals

2 + 2 days in person or 6 modules over 10 weeks online

Leading teams (Step 2)

Hand stacking balls on multiple lines

Transforming how you lead groups

2+2 days in person or 4 modules over 6 weeks online

For specific audiences

For social impact organisations

People holding a flag together

Empowering leadership training for impact

6 half-day sessions

For HR/people professionals

People discussing around a table

Transformative training for HR/people roles

5 half-day sessions

For job coaches, social workers, teachers etc…

People pulling a rope together

Strengthening Dialogue training

5 half-day sessions

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