The Human Element

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The Human Element consists of five consecutive and intensive day-long sessions, working both in groups and individually. In The Human Element you will explore your limitations and the tendencies you have when interacting with others. The purpose of the training is to observe, analyse and improve human behaviour, giving you effective tools to help you better interact with others in different circumstances. It’s about increasing self-knowledge, which in turn contributes to deeper understanding and effective cooperation. Participants who are interested can also choose to receive individual coaching throughout the week.

From an organisational perspective, if you want to create a culture of security, openness and constant feedback, The Human Element course is a great support.

Examples of what past participants have got out of the training:

  • Experiencing a greater ease with themselves and satisfaction in life, as well as creating ways to deal with challenges in work and private life in a much more efficient way.
  • The opportunity to reflect on unsatisfactory areas of work and personal life, reconsider and make new, powerful choices that make a profound difference.
  • An increased self-awareness which contributes to a new level of understanding and improved collaboration with others.

What can I expect?

You will gain insights into how you relate to and interact with others in a group. You will experience the benefits of taking more responsibility and acting more consciously, choosing the most effective behaviour rather than simply reacting automatically. You will also develop relationships with your group, experiencing and understanding the principles of effective collaboration.

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