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Affordable training for people working in nonprofits that develops the leadership mindset and skills needed to have more impact


Do you care deeply about your organisation’s mission, purpose and values? Do you find that the working climate, leadership culture and way of relating to each other in your organisation is getting in the way of having the impact you believe is possible?

If you answered yes, you are not alone!

Who is this for?

People working in the social impact sector (broadly defined to include any NGOs and social enterprises with a primary goal of social impact) in roles such as Project Manager, CEO or senior leader, Scrum Master, HR professional, people manager, or any team member working in a self-organising team.

What to expect?

Practical training with peers in your sector in the leadership mindset and skills needed to better achieve your organisation’s purpose through unleashing the potential in your teams. And breakthrough results!

What NOT to expect!

Theoretical training or ‘edutainment.’

Time commitment

The programme consists of 3 modules spread over approximately 4 weeks. Each module takes place over one afternoon (12:30 – 16:00 GMT) and the following morning (9:00 – 12:00 GMT) so there are six half-day sessions in total. In between each module you will have time to try out your learnings.



Outcomes you can expect from taking part in our programme are:

For You

How to be more coaching and contribute to others’ development (instead of people being dependent on your knowledge and experience)

Increased confidence in having ‘difficult’ conversations in an adult-adult way

Feedback and coaching that brings new levels of self-awareness

For Your Organisation

How to be a catalyst for your employees/colleagues taking more responsibility and ownership for the organisation’s purpose

How to avoid defaulting to solving problems, giving advice, and being solely responsible so others can step into their power

Colleagues feel supported and empowered in times of change and uncertainty

We had so much practice that I felt like I got my big mistakes and screwups out of the way so that I could go back into the workplace and be more confident.

Photo of Katherine Wynne

Katherine Wynne

CEO, Croydon Mencap

What separates this training from any other that I've attended is: it's practical and it works for different levels of leadership… People in the organisation say to me: “the way you work with people has really changed”, and I know it is because of this training.

Photo of Lois Chingandu

Lois Chingandu

Director External Relations, Frontline AIDS

The missing piece

In this course you will get practical tools and training that will enable you to:

  • Be more coaching and contribute to others’ development (instead of people being dependent on your knowledge and experience)

  • Give powerful feedback that makes a difference

  • Support and empower your colleagues in times of change and uncertainty

  • Be more confident in having difficult conversations

  • Practice new conversations and ways of being in a safe learning environment

  • Get feedback and coaching that brings new levels of self-awareness

We believe the source of new levels of collaboration, innovation, and development is not new structures and processes but addressing the dynamic underlying how we work together. By shifting this dynamic from one that is parent-child and hierarchical, to one that is adult-adult and partnership-based, we can unleash the leadership potential across our organisations.

This training is designed to jump-start that shift.

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How it works

The programme consists of six half-day sessions, where each module takes place over one afternoon (12:30 – 16:00 GMT) and the following morning (9:00 – 12:00 GMT).

There are some short home assignments to do in between, mostly conversation practice. Included in the price is also a two-hour Tuff Workout Sessions to deepen your experience, and a one-to-one coaching session with a Tuff trainer.


A guide to pre-training resources


Module 1

Day 1 (12:30 – 16:00 GMT)

Day 2 (9:00 – 12:00 GMT)

Module 2

Day 1 (12:30 – 16:00 GMT)

Day 2 (9:00 – 12:00 GMT)

Module 3

Day 1 (12:30 – 16:00 GMT)

Day 2 (9:00 – 12:00 GMT)


Two hour online Tuff Workout Sessions on a date of your choice

(optional but highly recommended and included)


Access to online resources to deepen your learning, learning buddy exercises and a personal coaching session with a Tuff trainer

Accessibility Information

This is an experiential programme, so participants will be expected to actively participate throughout, and there will be a mix of solo, pair and group exercises, some using role plays, some using real cases.

The programme takes place using Zoom (and breakout rooms) and the trainer will share information about breaks at the start of each module.

After signing up, all participants will be contacted and there will be a chance to discuss access needs. If you have any access questions before signing up, please contact [email protected]


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Social Impact Organisation

Price to join full social impact online programme

£500 / €577 (ex. VAT)

Designed for social impact organisations

Accessible price point

Post-course Tuff workout online

All course materials

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Looking for something more intensive?

See our Leading Individuals (Step 1) course

From £2,000 / €2,400 (excl. VAT)

More intensive, comprehensive course

Available in person and online

Post-course Tuff workout online

All course materials

See more

What we will cover

The training is practical and is designed to develop the leadership mindset and skills needed to unleash responsibility and commitment in your teams.

Your old patterns and behaviors will be challenged, and you will become aware of your pitfalls and strengths. Real-life role-plays combined with individualised, powerful feedback mean that you will find new and better ways to deal with the challenges you are facing. The overall theme is a coaching leadership approach, which is translated into different kinds of conversations such as feedback and coaching. You will get a variety of new tools that you can apply right away. The methodology used is Tuff Leadership Training’s own, which has been developed for more than twenty years and is known for producing tangible results.

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Your trainers

Photo of Carl-Erik Herlitz

Carl-Erik Herlitz

Photo of David Valentin

David Valentin

Photo of Eva Vilella

Eva Vilella

Photo of Hannah Zimmerman

Hannah Zimmerman

Photo of Jonas Johnsson

Jonas Johnsson

Photo of Karin Tenelius

Karin Tenelius

Photo of Lisa Gill

Lisa Gill

Photo of Maria Hentzel

Maria Hentzel

Photo of Maria Krook-Wetterdal

Maria Krook-Wetterdal

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Mette Herlitz

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Stefanie Brinkman

Photo of Therese Wallin

Therese Wallin

Photo of Vera Budean

Vera Budean

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