Self-managing organisation – subscription

Develop an effective, sustainable self–managing organisation.

We have more than twenty years’ experience of supporting organisations to become self-managed, coaching managers and employees in the mindset and abilities needed to work in a decentralised way.

This subscription service is for smaller companies interested in becoming fully self-managed, giving them access to our full support, usually over the course of one to three years. It’s a customisable service built around the starting point and needs of your company. It might include, for example, managers and/or employees going through our Step 1 and Step 2 training programmes, collaboration coaching, working climate shifting, or strategy sessions.

What we do:

  • Train team members in a coaching leadership style
  • Develop the working climate or culture needed for self-management to hold: openness, safety, straightforward communication, and a feedback culture
  • Develop the necessary communication skills, including conflict transformation, collaborative decision making, and feedback
  • Share our knowledge and experience of alternative structures that support self-managing teams and a self-managed organisation

If you want to know more about how we can support organisations in their transformation to self-management, contact us at [email protected] or call +46 8 446 16 20.