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Break the unhelpful dynamic between HR and business leaders by upgrading your conversations.

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Are you interested in having more effective leaders in your business who take responsibility for their people decisions? Do you want more freedom with how you work with the business? 

It all starts with training in your way of being. Training that challenges the degree to which you really partner with the organisation and helps you to ‘undo’ the unhelpful dynamics of ‘HR-as-order-taker’ or ‘HR-as-police’ or even ‘HR-as-parent’.

The Tuff Training for HR consists of 6 modules of training based on our 20 years of leadership training but designed with HR in mind. Our training gives HR practitioners insights into their personal pitfalls through role-playing true-to-life difficult conversations whilst getting plenty of feedback and coaching from their peers and our experienced trainers. You will learn and practice an alternative framework for new ways of doing and being, for example: how to have a powerful conversation about something that has got in the way of an open and trusting relationship.

What can I get out of participating in this training?

Participants leave the course with the courage and self-awareness to have totally different conversations with their business leaders, managers, employees or colleagues that draw out motivation, responsibility, and development.

Through the leadership training you will discover:

  • How to be a catalyst for improved leadership in your organisation 
  • How to avoid defaulting to solving problems, giving advice, and being solely responsible so others can step into their power
  • How to truly create engagement which so many organisations struggle to shift despite it being one of the most measured and studied principles in the modern organisation 
  • Ways to have difficult conversations in a way that empowers others
  • Create a more empowering dynamic in change (which is almost never the case right now)
  • How to support leaders and managers without doing their job for them (intentionally or unintentionally)
  • How to have effective feedback conversations that lead to real shifts
  • How to show up in a way that genuinely partners with the business rather than ‘partnering’ in name only

Content and layout

The programme consists of 6 modules spread over 10 weeks, led by one of our certified Tuff leadership trainers. The modules consist of two days face-to-face and 7 follow-up sessions in half-days, online. 

Between each module is a week when you try out what you learned at work. 

The training is practical and is designed to develop a leadership and partnering mindset and skills needed to unleash responsibility and commitment in your business. Your old patterns and behaviors will be challenged, and you will become aware of your pitfalls and strengths. Real-life role-plays combined with individualised, powerful feedback mean that you will find new and better ways to deal with the challenges you are facing. The overall theme is a coaching approach, which is translated into different kinds of conversations such as feedback, coaching and relationship conversations. You will get a variety of new tools that you can apply right away. The methodology used is Tuff Leadership Training’s own, which has been developed for more than twenty years and is known for producing tangible results.

For who?

For those who work in HR in medium-sized and large organizations.

Dates and times:

Module 1:  2nd and 3rd Oct at 09.00–17.00 in person (London venue)
Module 2:  10 Oct at 13.00–17.00 + 11 Oct at 9.00–12.00 (online)
Module 3:  15 Oct at 13.00–17.00 + 16 Oct at 9.00–12.00 (online)
Module 4:  30th Oct at 13.00–17.00 (online)

Note: Time in GMT.

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Price: GBP 1500 excluding VAT.

Have questions about Tuff Training for HR? Contact us at [email protected], or call us on +46 8 446 16 20.


  • “After Tuff's HR training, I feel a whole new gravitas I go into conversations.”
    — Sara Jupiter, Head of Talent & recruitment, Moleculent
  • “HR is often trapped in the same dynamics that dominate many businesses—that power is necessary to get things done and that true empowerment of employees and managers only exists in theory. Tuff training helps us unpick the ‘parenting’ behaviours that exist throughout organisations. It keeps our teams engaged with the perfect balance of practice, hands-on experience, empathetic coaching, and supporting theory.”
    — Mariabris Olivares, Chief People Officer, Owkin

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