Tuff Leadership Training Step 1

Four days of tough training in the mindset and abilities needed for more self-managing employees and teams.

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Are you interested in having employees that take responsibility and initiative? If you’re like most managers, what gets in the way is your actions and way of being are given by a drive to be responsible for making employees motivated, responsible, high performing and happy. Creating a more adult-to-adult, partnership culture starts by training in a new way of leading.

Our training gives managers insights into their personal pitfalls through role-playing true-to-life difficult conversations whilst getting plenty of feedback and coaching from their peers and our experienced trainers. You will learn and practice an alternative framework for new ways of doing and being, for example: how to give empowering feedback that makes a difference.

What can I get out of participating in the training?

Participants leave the course with the courage and self-awareness to have totally different conversations with their employees or colleagues that draw out the motivation, responsibility, and development in their teams.

Through the training you will discover:

  • How to be a catalyst for your employees/colleagues taking more responsibility and ownership for the business
  • How to avoid defaulting to solving problems, giving advice, and being solely responsible so others can step into their power
  • How to have difficult conversations in a way that empowers others
  • How to have effective feedback conversations that lead to real shifts
  • Your leadership strengths and blind spots

Content overview

The course consists of four days of intensive training, facilitated by one of our certified leadership trainers. It begins with two consecutive days where you learn the basics of a coaching leadership mindset and its core abilities. After about a month, when you have practiced your new abilities back at work, you build on the first two days with more in-depth training. Included in the price is a 30-minute coaching conversation with a Tuff coach one month after you complete the course.

Our training is practical and designed to develop the mindset and abilities needed to foster more self-managing employees and teams. Your old patterns and behaviours will be challenged, and you’ll become aware of your leadership pitfalls. Plenty of practice through role-playing coupled with individual feedback means that you will discover new and more effective ways to handle the challenges and issues you are struggling with. The overall theme is a coaching mindset, which translates into different kinds of conversations such as feedback conversations, coaching conversations and relationship conversations. You’ll get a wealth of new tools and practices that you can apply directly. The training is based on a methodology developed by Tuff Leadership Training over more than twenty years and promises to deliver lasting results.

Practical information

Tuff Leadership Training Step 1 comprises of four days (two + two) from 9.00 – 17.00. Courses are available in English in Stockholm, Amsterdam, London, Helsinki and Kiev. Click the button to the right to see available dates and book a place.


The cost of the training is €2,400 excl. VAT for all four days plus a 30-minute coaching conversation with a Tuff coach after the course is completed. The price includes lunch, tea and coffee with snacks, and all materials.

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