Tuff Leadership Training Step 2 – Online

Do you dream about your team taking full responsibility and living up to its full potential? 

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The key lies with you – how you relate to them and how you communicate determines whether or not they thrive. 

What can I get out of participating in the training?

You will develop the skills needed for your team to become more independent. You’ll notice the team becoming more dynamic, initiatives and suggestions will spring up and drive the team forward. Participation and commitment will come from the team without you having to do anything, giving you more time for the work that matters most to you.

Through the training you will discover:

  • How to read the working climate in a group and shift it from undesirable to high functioning
  • How to support a team to move forward when it gets stuck
  • How to support a team to transform conflicts
  • How to talk about loaded issues in a group
  • How to give far-reaching powers to the group without abdication
  • How to facilitate discussions about operational issues by asking questions that move things forward
  • How to facilitate collaborative decision-making

Content and layout

The programme consists of 4 modules spread over 6 weeks, led by two of our certified Tuff leadership trainers. Each module is an afternoon, 13:00-17:00 CET, and a subsequent morning 9:00-12:00 CET. Between each module week is a week when you try out your learnings at work.

The training is designed to develop the attitudes and abilities needed for your team to become more independent and consistent. The theme is the coaching approach in relation to group and elements such as collaborative climate and how to change it, facilitation to increase commitment and to lead meetings that really bring things forward. You train in various challenging situations where you quickly get response for the effect your actions have, and you notice how your way of being and acting sometimes stands in the way of the group’s effectiveness. You get a lot of new tools and keys that you can use and try right away. The methodology used is Tuff Leadership Training’s own, which has been developed for more than twenty years and excels at giving tangible results.

Does online training really work?

We get many questions whether online training is as good as classroom training. We think it really is. Listen to what online participants Anna Tuomas, Roberto Kusabbi and Tim Shand, have to say about it.

Does online training really work?

Practical information

Tuff Leadership Training Step 2 Online takes place digitally on Zoom, and you will receive a link via email where you connect to the digital classroom. If you have not used Zoom before, please download the Zoom client (Zoom Client) in advance here. If your company has restrictions on using the program, you can try to join with the meeting ID via the zoom website. To test your system and Wifi with the program follow this link. It is preferable to use your own computer from a quiet place and we find that it doesn’t work so well to use your smartphone or tablet.


The cost of the training is €2,600 excl. VAT. The price includes all materials.
You can choose to pay by card or invoice at check-out.

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