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"I don't understand why we haven't used this method before. It's so logical!"

Is a person’s mindset decisive for whether they get a job or not? Most professionals supporting job seekers would probably answer an unequivocal yes. If this is true, how do you help someone to change their mindset? That is the core of the Tuff Coaching Job Seekers Training methodology – and that is what makes it so effective.

Tuff Coaching Job Seekers Training is a dialogue method that goes beyond traditional coaching and leads to much greater impact and results. Job seekers tap into their own capacity, thus lightening the burden of the job coaches. Tuff Leadership Training offers an easily accessible online training for job coaches who support job seekers on a daily basis.

No previous knowledge is required. We teach the dialogue method to professionals such as job coaches, career counselors, social services, municipalities, teachers, and refugee recipients.

The training is offered on three levels starting with Level 1, where you get all the basic tools of the Coaching Job Seekers method. After that, you can continue training at Level 2, where you develop your coaching skills towards a consistent integration of the Coaching Job Seekers method. At Level 3 you practice very difficult coaching situations and how to deal with despair, cynicism, and resignation. Each Level consists of 3 x 3-hour sessions, with a one-week break in between. All sessions include practical training and tailored individual feedback.

Common results after the training are:

  • Course participants experience more and quicker results in their conversations with clients
  • Individual and professional development of coaches
  • Self-confidence
  • Frank and powerful coaching with stronger abilities
  • Saving time and energy
  • More empowered coaching clients
  • Insight in creating an effective a coaching programme
  • A shift to more responsibility and ownership on job seekers instead (more) on the coach
  • Insights into coaching pitfalls and tendencies and how to train to become more effective
  • Insights into coaching difficult situations like despair, cynicism, and resignation

About the method

The method was developed by Karin Tenelius in the mid-1990s and has since been used by thousands of employment agencies and centres in municipalities and schools.

Although quite a lot of training is required to really get the great results that the dialogue methodology makes possible, participants appreciate the training because it has a direct impact on their everyday work and helps them achieve more powerful results than before.

In 2007, the book Coaching Job Seekers was published and has become one of the best sellers in the industry and is also used as course literature by several universities. The strength of the method is that it trains coaches to relate and communicate in a way that makes job seekers choose to develop their own capacity.


Each Level costs 300 €/250 £ ex. VAT. The price includes all materials.

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If you want to register 5 or more participants at the same time to take advantage of the quantity discount, email us. The book Coaching Job Seekers is included as an e-book when participating in Level 2.

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