Stop motivating your employees!

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Stop motivating your employees!
– A free, interactive webinar for HR professionals and leaders.

Many would say that we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift. We are moving from a more traditional, hierarchical, top-down way of working to a less hierarchical, more self-directed or self-managed way of working.

We see that in all this there is a crucial piece missing, something which gets in the way for things to work well, a piece that we are unaware of. The webinar Stop Motivating Your Employees is about that missing piece.

Tuff Leadership Training is known for training leaders so that change really happens.

Meet Carl Erik Herlitz, one of Tuff’s founders,

who will be facilitating the session.


What to expect:

In the webinar you will discover how you can view leadership and its role in an empowering way that stimulates engagement and adult-adult relationships. You will also discover what new skills leaders need to develop, and what it takes to shift working climates to create a trust-based culture.

Practical info:

The webinar is interactive. We will use Zoom as a platform and you will get a Zoom link via email when you sign up.

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