Organisational self-management for HR and managers

Interested in how your organisation could start or develop ways of working that are less hierarchical?

In addition to having more than twenty years’ experience of practical implementation of organisational self-management, we have developed an international network of thought leaders, practitioners, and researchers working in the field.

This means we have a large knowledge bank available to help guide our clients in their organisational transformation projects.

We tailor training modules for managers, HR and employees based on the level of ambition and the client’s starting point. Get in touch for an initial conversation.

Frequently asked questions and starting points can be:

  • Are we in an organisational and leadership paradigm shift?
  • Is it possible to transform large organisations?
  • What is the role of culture and working climate in an organisational self-management transformation?
  • How do do you support managers and employees to develop?
  • What mindsets and abilities do people in the organisation need to develop?
  • What conditions are needed in the management team to support a transformation?
  • What does the change process look like?
  • What is HR’s role in the change process?
  • How can you measure the change and how do you know if it’s working?

For more information about our training and pricing, email us at [email protected] or call us on +46 8 446 16 20.