Empowering feedback: a 2-week online course


Four online participatory sessions over two weeks on how to give empowering, adult-to-adult feedback

Feedback and tough conversations are often things that we human beings tend to struggle with, and it can be even more challenging to have these conversations when we aren’t face to face with our colleagues.

This training will offer you tools for giving feedback in an adult-to-adult, empowering way and lots of opportunities to practice in a safe space and get coaching and feedback from the trainers and your peers. It will be a small cohort of maximum 12 participants.

End of April/beginning of May (dates to be confirmed) Interactive zoom session (video web conferencing tool).

What you’ll discover:

  • An overview of the new paradigm of leadership and collaboration that’s emerging
  • A framework for, and plenty of practice in, giving empowering, adult-to-adult feedback
    that makes a difference
  • Tools for exploring your own qualities and pitfalls to advance your personal development
  • Feedback and coaching from the trainers and your peers about your leadership
    strengths and blind spots
  • An engaging online learning experience including virtual Liberating Structures

Practical information:

There will be some pre-reading and some assignments in between sessions. Zoom sessions will be highly participatory with small group exercises in breakout rooms and cohort discussions.


  • End of April/beginning of May (dates to be confirmed) Interactive zoom session (video web conferencing tool).

What it costs:

  • 120-250 Euros per person (excl. VAT) – pay what feels right

The seminar will be facilitated by Tuff trainers Lisa Gill and Vera Budean.


For more information and registration, send an email to lisa.gill@tuffleadershiptraining.com
In your registration, please submit your full name and organisation, how much you would like to pay within the range 120-250 Euros per person (excl. VAT) and your invoicing details incl. VAT number.

A warm welcome!

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