Tuff Self-Management – Employees and teams that manage themselves

Are you interested in exploring how people in your organization could  work differently and less hierarchically?

Self-management, Agile ways of working, trust-based leadership, Teal, self-organising teams – there are many terms for what is emerging now in the world of work. More and more organisations are discovering what’s possible when teams and individuals have more autonomy and accountability.

Tuff Leadership Training has more than twenty years of experience in employee-led organisations and self-managing teams. We have transformed a number of businesses to different degrees of self-management.

Common results of this process are:

  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction
  • A shorter distance between words and actions
  • Leaders gain back time for strategy and business development work
  • Changes are initiated and driven from all across the organization as if by magic
  • A decrease in absenteeism
  • Historic, unresolved conflicts are transformed
  • Organisations become extremely attractive from a recruitment perspective
  • The journey is tough but the results make it worth every drop of sweat.

Interested in Tuff Self-Management?
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Don’t miss our podcast, Leadermorphosis!

Here’s a clip where Frederic Laloux, author of the bestselling book Reinventing Organizations, shares a more powerful way to introduce teal or self-management in companies in an interview with Tuff’s Lisa Gill on our Leadermorphosis podcast.


To the podcast episode with Frederic Laloux

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