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With Tuff’s Collaboration Coaching, it is possible to shift any working climate in a team from one state to another in a short amount of time

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Transforming working climates

Over the last twenty years we have refined our Collaboration Coaching process to the point that we are able to get fast and powerful results in groups

We work with teams where the working climate is dysfunctional, even toxic, and coach them to shift it to something functional. And we also work with teams where the working climate is functional but there is a desire to develop new levels of openness, trust, psychological safety, and straightforward communication.

The cliché view of a collaborative working climate

Smiling people and high fives

Always doing fun things

A constant fast pace

Polite and nice all the time

Harmonious, ‘buddy’ culture

What a collaborative climate actually looks like

Trust and openness – all emotions are accepted

Having uncomfortable, ‘difficult’ conversations

Time for reflection and development

Frank, honest communication and a strong feedback culture

Constantly working on our relationships – sorting out ‘pebbles’ between each other

A healthy working climate is critical

Professor Amy Edmondson’s research on psychological safety shows that to create a culture of learning and effectiveness, you need to have a combination of safety and accountability

In other words, psychological safety is not the same as psychological comfort! Without this, you will experience symptoms like:

  • Change initiatives failing, instead of being co-owned and sustainable

  • A stagnant culture, instead of a culture of innovation

  • High employee turnover and sick leave, instead of wellbeing and engagement

  • Apathy and resignation, instead of commitment and responsibility

Course leader listening to participant

How Tuff Collaboration Coaching works

Tuff collaboration coaching as a method is so effective because it results in the team realising that they are responsible for and capable of transforming their own working climate. They, therefore, see the benefits of changing their collective mindset and learn to communicate at a much higher level.

What makes it sustainable?

The group is empowered to solve it themselves

They go from consumers of their working climate to producers – and can immediately start to produce the climate they want.

Historical issues are cleaned up and no longer bother people

The group decides what is needed to move on, such as being heard in something, getting clarity or making agreements.

Team members develop crucial communication skills in the process

They learn how to talk about their working climate and shift it through core abilities and some practical tools.

Access to a new, shared language to address working climate issues in the future

A new precedent is set for how to talk about what’s ‘under the surface’ so that issues can be quickly attended to going forward.

New energy is released now that the climate is working

All the energy spent on tip-toeing around conflicts or complaining can now be channelled into other things.

How long does it take?

Usually the process takes 6-8 weeks in a group of 12-14 team members. We decide, together with you and the group, when the result is achieved.

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