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Thinking together: an obvious but rarely practised teaming ability

Karin Tenelius
25 June 2024

Recently I coached a leadership team and the manager asked me: “What one piece of advice would you give us for when we meet with our teams?”

Psychological safety: what the latest research says and how to actually create it in teams

Lisa Gill
28 March 2024

Psychological safety is something everyone is talking about. But how do you actually make it happen in your team or organisation?

Are you scrupulous with your relationships?

Trevor Hudson
3 May 2023

It isn’t anything new to say that ‘business is all about people’ or ‘organisations are the employees’. It’s maybe a bit more challenging to say that almost no one looks after their relationships at work the way they should.

How leaders became parents

Trevor Hudson
8 December 2022

Leadership has been a core concern in organisational strategies pretty much since business began. More recently we have come to name ‘leadership’ as something separate, not just about business success but about creating success through or with people. But just as with any positive, progressive development there is often a ‘shadow’ that comes along for the ride.

The crucial piece missing in social impact organisations

Lisa Gill
1 June 2022

There is a shift happening in the social impact sector. Organisations are starting to move from centralised, to decentralised; recognising that legacy bureaucracies are taking precious resources away from the causes and individuals that need them.

In defence of feedback: three main criticisms of giving feedback at work and our counterarguments

Lisa Gill
4 May 2022

Over the past decade, we’ve trained thousands of professionals in how to give adult-adult feedback, and researched the pros and cons of feedback-giving at work.

Installing, abdicating, and unleashing

Lisa Gill
17 March 2022

Three approaches to exploring new ways of working

Stop motivating your students

Mette Herlitz
12 November 2021

As well as working with companies and social enterprises around the world, Tuff also trains teachers in our methods and ways of being. When we first started, we were surprised by how strong the hierarchical dynamic was between teachers and even fairly adult students. 

Let’s not wait for another crisis to reinvent how we work together

Karin Tenelius
24 February 2021

At a recent virtual afterwork hangout, my colleague Lotta told me about an interesting conversation she had overheard between two of her friends who work at different care units. They were discussing how the covid-19 pandemic had forced their departments to reinvent how they were run.

ConsciousU’s Money Talk: money, inner work and new pay

Lisa Gill
17 February 2021

Two examples of new pay models from betterplace lab and Decathlon Belgium

Leadership and new ways of working – the piece that’s mostly missing

Carl-Erik Herlitz
15 December 2020

There is a lot happening today in the world around leadership and how we work together in our organizations. New progressive ways of working are being explored more and more, and we continue to wrestle with what leadership is, and should be, going forward. Many would say that we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift, where we, on a large scale, are moving from more traditional hierarchical top-down ways of working to less hierarchical more bottom-up self-directed or self-managed ways.

Intentional or Free – two fundamentally different ways of being in a meeting

Carl-Erik Herlitz
14 October 2020

We had an online meeting last week where we were supposed to talk about what we needed to do to take our projects forward. There were seven of us in the meeting and, as usual, we started by checking in as well as saying something specific about what the purpose of the meeting should be. The atmosphere was rather cheerful, maybe because we all had a need to have some fun, to be a little silly with each other for once.

If people knew the true gold in listening, there would be a listening gym on every corner

Lisa Gill
7 October 2020

Why listening is an ability we all need to practise if we want more self-managing teams

Self-management is about more than reinventing structures

Lisa Gill
28 September 2020

More and more is being written about self-managing and decentralised ways of working, with organisations like Haier and Buurtzorg capturing the attention of management and business thinkers the world over. However, most (if not all) of the focus in these case studies tends to be on structures and processes. Don’t get me wrong, structures and processes are extremely important. But they are not enough if we truly want our organisations to shift.

How this Canadian firm successfully adopted self-management

Lisa Gill
28 January 2020

Edwin Jansen is Head of Marketing at Fitzii which is a hiring platform for small and medium businesses based in Canada. Every February for the last four years, Fitzii has celebrated what they call “Valenteal’s Day”, as it marks the anniversary of when they decided to become a teal, self-managing organisation.

Why reinventing organisations is about more than just changing structures

Lisa Gill
11 October 2019

It’s no secret that the way we’re working isn’t working. Even the most dyed in the wool organisations are acknowledging that they need to adapt and transition from, as author Chuck Blakeman puts it, the Industrial Age to the Participation Age.

When the OS is outdated

Carl-Erik Herlitz
8 October 2018

Lately I have been thinking about trainings off-site (classroom) versus development on the job (cf. 70-20-10).  An old metaphor that might be useful is that companies and organisations are exploring so many new ways of working, for example open-plan office spaces (for better collaboration), Agile teams, lean and all the way to self-management.

How to create a culture of accountability without becoming top-down

Lisa Gill
22 August 2018

Most leaders today accept that in order to thrive in a world of complexity, we need to develop ways of working that are less hierarchical and more responsive and agile.

What are Liberating Structures?

Lisa Gill
22 February 2017

An introduction to Liberating Structures and how to use them in your organisation or group.