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Since 2003, Tuff has helped transform the leadership and culture of organisations all over the world with our groundbreaking training programmes and Collaboration Coaching methodology

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Our Trainers and Coaches

Our trainers and coaches are masters of creating safe - and brave! - learning environments for our tough training, mastering our methodology so that results can be achieved in a short time in order to create real change in individuals and groups.

All of our trainers are evaluated by all course participants and have an average score of 9.5 out of 10. We recruit on the basis of abilities rather than CVs, and all trainers undergo extensive internal training, both before and after they become certified, as continuous personal development is part of our culture.

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Our Team

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Carl-Erik Herlitz

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Corentin Scrive

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David Valentin

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Diana Seaborne

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Eva Lorentzon

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Eva Vilella

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Hannah Zimmerman

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Jonas Johnsson

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Communication Design

Kajsa Thelander Sadio

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Karin Tenelius

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Lisa Gill

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Maria Hentzel

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Maria Krook-Wetterdal

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Marina Marklund

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Marlena Szajda

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Mette Herlitz

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Ola Beccau

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Prilly Lee

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Quim Lorente

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Stefanie Brinkman

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Customer service & administration

Tess Tenelius

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Therese Wallin

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Trevor Hudson

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Vera Budean

A brief history

Today, we are proud to have a whole faculty of skilled trainers, customers around the world who have partnered with Tuff for years, and a range of services designed to transform organisations to a trust-based, adult-to-adult way of working.

In the nineties, Tuff’s co-founder Karin Tenelius found herself coaching thousands of unemployed people during a recession in Sweden. She developed a groundbreaking method, Strengthening Dialogue, that is now used in job centres around the country and taught internationally to professionals supporting others (job coaches, teachers, social workers).

Karin was also inspired by the idea that employees in organisations should have more autonomy and accountability, like Semco in Brazil. She began experimenting with coaching organisations to work without management hierarchy. (You can read more about these cases in the book ‘Moose Heads on the Table: Stories About Self-Managing Organisations from Sweden’.)

Through years of experiments

Through these years of experiments, Karin realised that what was needed for managers to be more involving and for employees to take more responsibility was not theory, but practical training in new mindsets and abilities.

With this in mind, Tuff Leadership Training was founded in 2003, with a name that reflects the challenge of actually learning a new way of being and behaving.

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