If people knew the true gold in listening, there would be a listening gym on every corner

Lisa Gill Lisa Gill 7 October, 2020

Illustration by Sophie Wainwright

Why listening is an ability we all need to practise if we want more self-managing teams

The following is an extract from the book ‘Moose Heads on the Table: Stories About Self-Managing Organisations from Sweden’ by Karin Tenelius and Lisa Gill.

“Listening is at the source of all great leadership. It is a core skill, not only for leadership, but for all domains of professional mastery.” 
– Otto Scharmer, Presencing Institute

“The experience of being understood, versus interpreted, is so compelling you can charge admission.” — B. Joseph Pine II

Here are some access points into developing a listening way of being:

. . .

Want to learn more? You’ll find more information about the book and how to order it here.


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